If you’ve been looking for the best window cleaning Melbourne FL has to offer, then you’ll be happy to know that your search has come to an end. Here at John Moore Window Cleaning, we are 100% devoted to making sure that the windows of your business or home are completely clean and looking spectacular.

We are very confident in the quality of the services that we provide, and we know you will be too, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to see what other people have said about our work. That is why we have one whole page, singularly devoted to only testimonials, so you can see first-hand what other customers are saying about the work we provide. We understand that testimonials for any sort of service is of the utmost importance, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure to provide the cleanest and top-notch service every time. Testimonials are super important not only for us as a business as confirmation of great work, but they’re equally as important for customers like you. We want you to know why numerous people and business owners choose us to make sure the windows of their business or home are spotless. We know that people like seeing real testimonials, about real results, from real people.

Customer satisfaction is our primary value and goal here at John Moore Window Cleaning. That is why we want to bring the highest quality of window cleaning Melbourne FL has available. We not only aim for customer satisfaction, but we aim even higher than that. Our standard is to ‘Wow’ the customer, and that is exactly what we do. We go above and beyond, everytime and all the time. We have a high standard for customer satisfaction, so we make sure only to hire the best employees, so that we can always meet that standard for each and every client. The level of quality that we bring is the reason why we have so many clients wanting to leave us a Google review or video testimonial, so that others can make use of our quality services as well.

So, the reason we have these testimonials is so that you can see first-hand the level of quality and service that we bring. But you’re not seeing us talk about ourselves, you’re seeing what real clients have to say about real work that we do for them as their window cleaning Melbourne FL service.

Perhaps you are a client and reading this and you have not left us a review. Anyone that we have worked with or has simply seen the great work we have done for someone else can leave us a review. You don’t necessarily have to do business with us to know how top-notch our services are. Maybe you were simply walking down the street and peer through the glass of a shop at some furniture inside and then you realize how clean the windows are that you can see inside so clearly. Then you look further down the street and you see us cleaning other shop windows in our professional uniform. You didn’t work with us directly, but you saw the quality we clearly provide as well as how professional we are.

Maybe you want to leave us a testimonial as the best window cleaning service you have ever seen, but you don’t know how. Well, there are a couple ways you can leave John Moore Window Cleaning a testimonial. The first way is a Google review. It is super fast and simple. You just go to your Google search, type in “John Moore Window Cleaning Melbourne FL” and you will see our Google business listing pop up. You will see details of our business such as address, pictures, hours, and more. You will also see our reviews. To leave us one, you would click on the “Write a review” button and then follow the prompts. It is super fast and simple: you just select however many stars you think we deserve, then select a few categories of services and qualities we have, and then just put a few words in the text box. After all of that you just have to click the “Post” button and BOOM, that is it! It is like we said: super easy.

Another way to let other people know we are committed to providing the clearest windows and best job possible is to leave us a thirty-second video review. These are also super simple. On-site, we will just ask you three simple questions on camera so that you don’t have to think about what to say or anything. Video testimonials are important because we are social creatures. People can read the sincerity from a person’s tone of speech, gestures, eye-contact, and facial expressions. So you can see for yourself the real testimonies that our clients give about us.

As shown, reviews are very important. They are important for anyone out there considering making use of our spectacular window cleaning Melbourne FL services. In fact, many of our clients choose us because of our reviews. Not only do they see what our clients are saying about us on Google, but then they come here to our website and see the video reviews that we have. We love when our clients give testimonials about our work, which is why we want to give our customers the chance to say that we have met that standard and more, or that we need to do a couple things differently to make that happen. Obviously, we prefer the former, but we will take the latter as well, because, as mentioned, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so if we need to alter a few things, then that is something we want to know from our clients. We are open to growth.

To recap, there are many reasons why you should leave us a testimonial and why they are important. They are important for us as proof of our quality and professionalism, and they are important to other people out there looking for window cleaning Melbourne FL services. To see for yourself why numerous businesses and families trust us with their windows, contact us today!