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From dirty glass to dirty buildings, houses, driveways, patios or outside tables and chairs we have the experience, knowledge, products, and tools to get the job done right and get it done right every time as a window cleaning Melbourne FL business. With our systems and methods we take pride in getting your proposal out fast and your job scheduled and completed in the time frame that perfectly fits your needs. We have heard many complaints before gaining new clients over the years. One person said “I don’t even know who my window cleaning people are” after that there were more that had the same complaint. So we make it a point after every single job completed when possible, to shake hands with the manager or owner, get a signature and ask how things are going? Is everything okay? It’s our one opportunity to make sure we are on point and meeting the needs of our clients every single time without fail. We have realized this can sometimes be more important than the actual job itself because we believe business is relationships. Without investing some time into a relationship, trust can be lost therefore the job can be lost too. We have perfected a workflow experience that keeps our clients on the schedule for years.


It’s our motto that we use daily in our company but most importantly with our clients. We say it often and mean it when we say it because it truly is an honor for us to serve every client. We are honored to go into a home and make the glass sparkle so the homeowner can feel confident and show off their house to family members or friends when they entertain. Or managers can get a real cash bonus from their boss for keeping their establishment in tip-top shape by using our services.


We are a faith based and family owned company that believes in family values and hard work! Because of that we tend to draw like minded clients and employees. We are very thankful for every client and every employee and consider all family. Whether it is a home or a business it is our passion to make you shine by making your business or home shine. It’s what we do and what we are good at and we appreciate in advance the opportunity to serve you well. Reach out to us today to become a new member of the John Moore Window Cleaning Family!


We provide professional window cleaning Melbourne FL and pressure washing services for both commercial and residential clients for all of brevard county and also orange, osceola, seminole, and volusia counties. We provide these services on a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, annually, and semi-annually basis. We service a very broad range of types of businesses.

In the category of residential window cleaning we have had the privilege of providing our services for some celebrities and well known people in the Orlando area. We have a streamlined hiring process for our company that guarantees stable, safe, highly trained professionals to meet the needs of every type of client.

Our training program NEVER ends! To ensure the highest level of quality service we have an ongoing training program that NEVER ends! Each member of our team is required to complete a minimum of 2 hours of in depth training each month to make sure we as a team can deliver what we promise every time we schedule a job. With properly executed checklists and accountability our goal is to bring the highest level of customer service, workmanship, and WOW! to every one of our clients.

We have 10 years of experience and are very knowledgeable in both window cleaning Melbourne FL and pressure washing. And because we know it is extremely hard to get to the top it’s even harder to stay there. Even so, we as a team are endlessly dedicated to a continuous drive to improve, streamline, and perfect our processes and systems for years to come.

We are known for being the heroes in our industry! We love to provide the WOW factor every time!

We are licensed and insured and employ well trained quality people that are able to meet your every need in a complete and timely manner with zero drama! All employees are drug tested and background checked to ensure that our clients are receiving safe, consistent, and reliable service for every job that is scheduled.

We carefully take into consideration the needs of every client based on the information we get from the initial contact and meet each client exactly where they are and give them what they need to help them succeed in the best way possible if its a commercial business, by helping them keep their building clean, neat and presentable to their customers. If it’s a residential client we ensure the highest level of professionalism, workmanship, consistency, and reliability as we believe your home is your sanctuary and we believe its an honor to serve…you and your family in the most precious place …your home.

As your window cleaning Melbourne FL choice, we use the latest technology in our field ensuring the best finished quality service EVERY TIME!

We implement a proven system in all of our daily work flow schedules that ensures quality and consistency EVERY TIME! The scheduling and invoicing platform that we employ has a tremendous track record. It has the latest protection technology, ways of connecting with our clients via video, sms texting, emails, etc. and the company is constantly bringing new and exciting features to be on the cutting edge for both the provider and customer. The name of the scheduling and CRM software is The Customer Factor.

We communicate with our clients our strategy for meeting their window cleaning Melbourne FL or maintenance needs from the first phone call to the finished job.



  • Do you need weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual window cleaning or pressure washing for your business or home?
  • Are you getting a VIP visit from a corporate or a valued family member and need immediate service?
  • Do you have some stubborn hard water stains that just won’t go away?
  • Are you in the process of finishing a new commercial construction project and need a professional to make the windows sparkle?
  • Do you have some tricky hard to reach windows that require the touch of a professional?
  • Do you need a 1x window cleaning or pressure washing job to get the house ready to sell?
  • Is there a stubborn stain on your driveway you just can’t seem to get off?
  • Are you tired of not having consistent and reliable window cleaning Melbourne FL and pressure washing service?