With over 20 years of experience in window cleaning Melbourne FL, we have developed a smooth drama free system to help you achieve your goals with keeping the glass on your building consistently clean so that your company can continue to attract the clients or customers you target that essentially contributes to your real growth. From restaurants to office buildings up to 3 stories, to municipalities like small airports and train stations, strip malls, indoor malls, gas stations, bowling alleys, helicopter tour buildings, and just about any business that has glass that needs to stay clean to keep up a sharp image that draws the kind of clients they desire, we have the right service plan that will fit your needs. With our restaurant clients we will often say to them”clean windows, clean food!” It simply means we understand the needs of each of our clients and how their customers or clients think too. It helps us to have an edge in the marketplace to serve well with the knowledge and skills we utilize each and every day. We work with several facility management systems and platforms such as service channels. We can service your glass at your business on a recurring basis with any frequency you prefer. We offer annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly window cleaning with fast, efficient service that is performed just the way you need it – EVERY TIME!



We take a lot of pride in keeping your glass clean and safe as we believe as a faith based company that your home is your sanctuary. With that it needs to be exactly how you like it – clean, safe, and peaceful. Dirty windows can affect your moods and emotions just like a home that is untidy. Our technicians are highly trained and are ready to handle even the most difficult windows to get to. One time we had to utilize some of our high rise equipment to establish an anchor point using our van to reach two windows that were above a roof that had a 45 degree pitch! Over the years it has been our pleasure to serve many homeowners by providing their window cleaning Melbourne FL. While we are on or in the property and we happen to see any kind of issue that could bring extra cost or danger to the client even if it has nothing to do with our services we are known to bring it to their attention as we believe IT IS AN HONOR TO SERVE every single client. And that means sometimes going above and beyond just performing the service we have been hired to complete.



We offer pressure washing on a smaller scale to every commercial client that has a need we can fill. Many times it is a perfect synergy effect when we combine both and pressure washing services on the same day. Why is this a huge benefit? It is a tremendous benefit because when you perform pressure washing services and the water dries on the glass, it creates hard water stains that can be very difficult if not impossible to get off even for us and can lead to window replacement instead of a much less expensive solution – window cleaning. It only takes a couple days to get hard water stains on the glass when it has not been professionally cleaned. This is something that many companies may not offer and it seems to be something we are very good at. Because every technician is cross trained and has the right skills for both professional window cleaning and pressure washing it’s a perfect combination especially for restaurants that have high traffic on their outdoor patios. The products we use to dissolve grease and dirt are safe for the environment and people that are around it. We take pride in doing this as well as the other professional window cleaning Melbourne FL services we offer. We offer our services with the frequency you desire that perfectly meets your needs without crashing your budget.



We offer professional pressure washing for residential homes using professional pressure washing equipment and chemicals. We use commercial grade surface cleaners for the flat work and wands or extension wands for siding. Our machines are calibrated and regularly serviced to produce the right amount of pressure and spray patterns for efficient cleaning for homes, driveways, and sidewalks. The system we have developed ensures safety for your grass and plants and a clean house, driveway, or sidewalk. Our technicians are prepared and skilled to handle any job. Concrete is extremely porous and can be very difficult to clean especially if it has not been maintained properly over the years. We recommend a regular maintenance schedule to help keep your property in the best condition possible and the highest property value just in case you would like to sell it.


We believe in keeping it simple. From the cleaning solutions we use, to the methods and tools that help us provide safe, clean, and simple solutions to our clients from every end of the spectrum. Our window cleaning Melbourne FL solutions are biodegradable and organic so if you have any sensitivities to most regular cleaning products that are loaded with harmful chemicals that can cause cancer or other types of medical problems or diseases. There are also no harmful or strong odors from the products we use to help ensure your business or home can maintain a non-toxic and clean environment long after we have completed our job we have been hired to do.



We provide professional window cleaning Melbourne FL services for both commercial and residential clients for all of brevard county and also Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties. We provide these services on a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, annually, and semi-annually basis. We service a very broad range of types of businesses. We are also known to travel much farther to help a client in need if it makes sense to our team and the client. We currently have ongoing service projects in Brandon, Clearwater, Davenport, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Inverness, Lakeland, Melbourne, Ocala, Pinellas Park, Port Richey, Sarasota, Sebring, Tampa and Wesley Chapel.



Because we are good at it and really have a passion for serving our clients and our community. At John Moore Window Cleaning we love to be a part of the community by helping keep our clients property in tip-top shape. For our commercial clients our services contribute to helping our clients gain more profit by keeping their glass and patios spic and span. For us BUSINESS IS RELATIONSHIP NOT A BOTTOM LINE! We show up when we are supposed to, communicate well, perform our window cleaning Melbourne FL services at the highest standard so our clients have no problems achieving their goals to grow their businesses.